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On September 1, 2012, Evergrande international Football School held an Opening Ceremony in Qingyuan, a beautiful city in Guangdong. With “boosting China’s Football, and Cultivating Football Stars” as the purpose, the School will implement totally-closed and full-time boarding system integrated with cultural education and football skills. The school will be operated and managed according to the standards stipulated for provincial-level primary schools in Guangdong, provincial-level middle schools, and undergraduate colleges and universities in China. For the cultural education, the nationally famous South China Normal University will be responsible for it; while for the football skills training, the coaches assigned by Real Madrid Club will take full responsibility.

I. South China Normal University will be responsible for the cultural education

II. Coaches assigned by Real Madrid Club will be fully responsible for football skills training

III. China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation will offer aids to poor students

President--Marcello Lippi

Marcello Lippi, 64 years old now, ha been one of the most successful coaches in Italy and even around the world in recent thirty years. On October 9, 2012, at the Opening Ceremony of Evergrande-Real Madrid Football School, Kayan Hui, Chairman of Evergrande issued the Letter of Appointment to him, and officially employed him as the President of the School in next three years. Finally, Mr. Lippi, the world-famous coach, officially assumed the office of President of Evergrande-Real Madrid Football School.

Executive President—Liu Jiangnan

Liu Jiangnan, born in Luchuan of Guangxi Province, is a member of Communist Party of China, a professor with doctor degree, and the doctoral supervisor of South China Normal University. He has ever assumed the offices including: Deputy Secretary General of Organizing Committee of the 16th Asian Games, Committee Member of China Institute of Strategy for Sports Development, Deputy Chairman of Chinese Football Association, Deputy Director of Sports Industry Committee of China Sports Science Society, Chairman of Guangzhou Sports Federation, and Honorary Council President of Guangzhou Sports Science Society. Currently, he is Executive President of Evergrande-Real Madrid Football School.